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We're bringing you the next level of 100% Plant Based Vegan Soy-Free Chickn.


This package comes with pieces of our signature Chick'n that you can grill, fry, shred, and make into your own fave recipes. All you have to do is season and hook it up how ever you want to!


While we are currently in the process of patenting our recipe and process, we can let you know that our Chick’n is 100% natural, simple, and clean. The Chick’n is Seitan (Vital Wheat Gluten) based. It has NO soy, dairy, or nuts. Seasoned with sea salt and sunflower oil.

Bag of Chick'n - Shipping Week of FEB. 20th

  • For the best instructions on how to prepare our Chick'n visit our How To Prep page!

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